CEREC Technology vs. Conventional Crowns
Posted on 03/11/2022
CEREC Technology vs. Conventional Crowns feature image

Did you know you can get a precise-fitting, natural-looking dental crown in just one visit at Polished Dental? CEREC is 3D technology that has revolutionized the dental industry for those in need of restorations. Conventional crowns used to take weeks to create and took two or more visits to finish. With CEREC technology, you are able to be seen in just one visit for your dental crowns.

Here are some major benefits of CEREC technology:

One Visit

Your visit will last no more than two hours and you’ll leave with confidence knowing you won’t need to schedule another visit. Also, there is no need for temporary crowns. 


3D imaging technology makes the visit comfortable and seamless. An image is taken of your tooth and then you get to relax while your crown is milled and created. There is no messy or uncomfortable impressions that need to be taken.

Fewer Injections

Since your crown is created and placed in one visit, you only receive local anesthetic once in your procedure. 

Polished Dental was one of the very first dentists in the region to have CEREC technology because of the benefits. All CEREC restorations are made from natural-looking, tooth-colored porcelain material that is metal-free, very bio-compatible and plaque resistant.

When choosing a dental office, choose one with the latest technology and most qualified dentists. This can save you time, money, and peace of mind.

Learn more about CEREC technology at Polished Dental: https://www.polished-dental.net/treatment/cerec.