Schoch AMJS-18As a new patient at Polished Dental, we want you to feel comfortable in our office. Our team will take this opportunity to better understand your needs and concerns regarding your oral health. During this complete exam we will begin by taking the necessary diagnostic X-rays (which includes a panoramic and full mouth series) and check for periodontal disease. The dentist will provide a thorough examination by performing an oral cancer screening, evaluating the condition of the temporomandibular joint, and looking at the overall condition of teeth and gums. The dental hygienist will discuss the type of prophylaxis (cleaning) that is needed as well as provide oral hygiene instructions.

After this information is gathered, our treatment coordinator will go over a treatment plan with you in our office to discuss any treatment that needs to be completed. Please allow up to two hours for this initial visit, to allow our dental team to get a complete history of your oral health. Due to different levels of periodontal treatment, it is usually not feasible to complete a dental cleaning at this first appointment. If there are no signs of gingivitis or periodontal disease, we will try and accommodate a cleaning at the first appointment if time allows.